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I’m a photographer.

There’s this little town called Niangua. It’s in Missouri.

There’s this auction house. It’s called Asher’s.

Asher’s set up a Christmas Shop so that all the kids in Niangua could buy Christmas presents for their loved ones. Lots of neat stuff was sold and nothing cost more than a quarter. Over 100 kids bought gifts for their families.

Santa Claus was also at the shop.

All the kids got to visit Santa after they shopped and they got to tell him all about their Christmas wishes and give him a great big hug.

There was a little girl named Tori.

Tori was very sick. She was so sick that she almost didn’t make it to the Christmas Shop. This had made Tori very sad as her sickness caused her to miss the little Niangua Christmas parade earlier that same day.

But, Tori was determined to get her family some gifts and to meet Santa Claus and tell him her most special wish (to receive a Christmas Barbie for Christmas this year). Tori mustered up all of her strength and her parents got her to the shop where she bought them gifts and she met with Santa and gave him a great big hug (causing old Santa to shed more than a few tears).

I’m a photographer.

I got to tell the story.