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This is Lacey Watkins. She is our neighbor. She is married and she and her husband, Josh, have an active four-year old son named Nate.

I like that Lacey always makes it a point to have herself “put together” – a rare quality in women these days. Now, it’s not a whole Donna Reed dress and heels affair with Lacey, but she is always neat (and keeps Josh and Nate equally neat) and I’ve never seen her without the most basic of makeup. It pretty much goes without saying that I’ve been eager to have a chance at photographing her at some point. When she asked me to please photograph her family, I began planning this shot and saved it for the very end of the session when we got together for the photos this past weekend.

As you can see, this image of Lacey looks amazing and it was a real honor and privilege to be not only allowed, but actually asked to make all of the images of Lacey and her family.

[As I make the transition from whatever the heck I once was to whatever it is I’m becoming next, I’ve been working on my photography a bit more seriously.

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a ‘photographer’ in any serious sense of the word. I can handle a camera and get an image out of it. I then spend a good amount of time in Lightroom and Photoshop “massaging” (and sometimes literally “beating”) my images into something worth seeing. I don’t look down on my own work because of this process, though. I look down on my work because I want to be so much better at it.]